22. September 2017 – 24. September 2017 ganztägig
Panorama Hotel
Sodų str. 14
early bird: 160€-260€, normal: 180€-280€
Eduardo Verdu (Norway) & Margarita Karmazė (Lithuania)
Diamonds are Forever - PIfE Konferenz in Vilnius Sep 2017 @ Panorama Hotel

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Topics of conference
The very strong symbol in Human society may represent very different aspects of our lives. Have you heard the saying „even Diamonds start as coal“. We want to invite psychodramatists to explore the topic of „Diamond and Carbon“ – Value and Simplicity. The subtopics for this meeting are the following:

  • The Price in life for creating, buying, getting very valuable things – education, valuables, property.
  • Simple things in life may create most valuable items. Just by setting it differently.
  • There are certain objects (diamonds, pictures, messages etc.) that we want to be saved even after our passing, for the next generations.
  • Real of Fake – one of the hardest issue. Only people with skill and attention may differentiate it
  • Trees have to fall, burn and linger and be discovered – only then the Diamonds come.
  • People 120 000 years ago passed the greatest Revolution – Cognitive revolution. Fantasy and fictions came to reality. And still the brain with it’s
    plasticity stays as Diamond to be discovered.

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