Ongoing Transgenerational Psychodrama Training Berlin with Hilde Gött & Manfred Jannicke

Systemic-Scenic Action Methods in group leading and counseling – Special focus on transgenerational + constellation work

Postgraduate Psychodrama Training – Berlin, 2024 – 2026

Degree: Psychodrama Practitioner (DFP/PAfE/FEPTO)

Application possible via mail, next opening for the stem group: November 2024
(participation in previous workshops+conferences possible May, Jun, Aug + Sep 2024, please ask us)

Stagework like Psychodrama is widely used by counselors, trainers, psychologists, therapists, HR-experts, pedagogues, physicians, ministers, actors, mediators … all over the world, unique in diversity and effectiveness. With its huge range of action-oriented methods it is likely to be the most important hidden ingredient not only of various therapeutic approaches but also of all modern so-called „social“ media.

It is also the „first systemic method“ as it has a picture of human beings as huge and highly complex clusters of diverse roles – inner roles and those more outward. Picture of the inner dialogues, inner teams, inner orders all find their primal sources in the Morenian theories. This makes it easy to create constellations and to work with deep issues lively and light to the welfare of clients, families, organisations and even with single persons („Monodrama“).

The inventor of the trias of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group therapy, J.R. Moreno (1889-1974), also called „the impromptu man“, wanted to be remembered as „the man who brought joy and laughter into psychiatry“. He was the first in exploring and elaborating interindividual as well as social encounter and all kinds of social processes.

See the most popular video about psychodrama on youtube:


Scene-based, action-oriented and suited for partially nonverbal work, our Psychodrama training prepares perfectly for all fields which need mindfulness, recognition and appreciation of the traces of family history. All people, irrespective of their social or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, physical or psychological abilities or other characteristics, have to find ways of coping with those traces. And all families are affected by their bigger social environment. Social events, changes, breakthroughs impact on them just as much as catastrophies, wars, upheavals … . In our training we integrate approaches to those often unconscious transgenerational issues which can help to overcome, to cope, to find easier ways of co-existance and collaboration.

Berlin seems the perfect place in Germany and one of the best in Europe to establish a training which promotes and prepares for transgenerational work in every thinkable professional application.

The shared language of the training will be English. Encouraging all people who didn’t have the opportunity to learn the language very well in school we prefer to call it „broken english“ (only few things are so discouraging like 100% perfection). If you hesitate, call us and see if our speech level meets yours.

Possible applications: biography work, children and adolescent work, professional vocational training, team development, management training, conflict solution and mediation, law enforcement, organisational development, theatre / acting, stage direction, screenplay /scripting, healing / physical therapy, school, teaching, diversity training, international fields / organisations, psychotherapy, disease recovery / convalescence, transgenerational encounter, counseling, recuperation, supervision, coaching, constellation work, story-telling, pastoral / religious / welfare work, self-help / community work, volunteer work, …

Target group: Everybody who wants to develop new personal and / or professional space, capabilities and expertise, based on a previously completed vocational training in the fields mentioned above.
We want you to come to an informed decision wether you want to attend this training or not. So please feel invited to call us personally if you have any questions (+491639894388). Before signing the training contract you need to attend an approval interview and the approval weekend (evtl additional trail days will be offered). For the official sign in please contact .

Obligations: After an approval phase (trial day, approval interview and admission weekend workshop with an external trainer) you attend one weekend workshop per month in an ongoing training group. All workshops from friday afternoon to sunday late noon. The training group is partially closed: new members will be accepted,but only twice or three times a year. From time to time we will offer longer working phases (journeys). For meeting the international standard (Psychodrama Practitioner, you need to attend at least 12 intensive weekends in this stemgroup (between 8-16 participants) plus 5 further external workshops with other trainers, of which 1-2 can upon request be attended at other institutes or replaced by conference visits (every second year, our european mother organisation Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. organises a big international conference). There are some written works and oral presentations to be done and 6 hours of individual supervision to be taken. Plus self-learning, singular and in a peer group. Fees don’t include accomodation or travel.

Training contract: After the approval, participants decide always for one year. If they attend all events, they should be ready after roughly 2 – 2,5 years. Every participant will have his/her/xier own training book to keep track of what obligations remain before reaching the practitioner level. It is expected that members attend all weekends during the contracted time.
There can be members of the 2nd level training in this group. They achieve the title „Psychodrama therapist“ or „Psychodrama director“ after roughly 5 years (incl. 1st level). They can apply with hours from other institutes who work under the DFP as well as FEPTO / PAfE standards. Training hours from other European Institutes (FEPTO members) will be accepted after approval.

Application possible via mail, next opening of stemgroup late autumn 2024

(participation in previous workshops+conferences possible May, Jun, Aug + Sep 2024, please ask us)



Hilde Gött – trainer, director, MSc Psychodrama-psychotherapy.
She is certified trainer and supervisor (DGSv) of Psychodrama for the “Psychodrama Association for Europe”(PAfE/ DFP/ FEPTO) and has been teaching Psychodrama for more than 20 years in Germany and Europe. She is a children and adolescent therapist, focusing on trauma, domestic violence and suicidal cases.


Manfred Jannicke – male nurse, social pedagogue, Psychodrama director (PAfE/ DFP/ FEPTO), supervisor, board member of Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. He serves as head of a diaconal organisation for protection and welfare of children, adolescents and their families and is active in various political and social activities and groups.




Topics of the training will be (randomly listed, the contents depend on the group process): function + role of the psychodrama leader, clarification of the mandate, group theories, games / fairytale playing, doubling, role change + role reverse, mirroring, psychodramatic interview, soliloquy, sociometry, spectrograms, social + cultural atom, warm-up/ action/ integration- phase, conserve theory, psychodramatic stage, protagonist, antagonist, auxiliary ego, role feedback, identification feedback, vignette, pictures, statues, sculptures, role play, playback techniques, psychodramatic landscape, theoretical + spiritual frame, chorus, freeze, slow motion + fast forward, high chair, inner children, maxi- and minimizing, time line, impromptu, surplus reality, processing, anti-role, sociometric roles, sculpture work, scenic diagnose, sensitivity for + handling of trauma, reflection + evaluation, regular feedbacks for every participant with information about personal challenges, attitude and ethics, spirituality, Psychodrama and other approaches, first and second scene, psychodramatic role theory, monodrama, magic shop, …

The training finishes with the internationally recognized certificate „Psychodrama- Practitioner“ or „Psychodrama- therapist“ / „Psychodrama- director“. In Germany, it meets the standards of the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pastoralpsychologie DGfP“ as well as the „Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Gruppenpsychotherapie und Gruppendynamik dagg“ and the requirements for the additional title „psychotherapist“ for physicians.
The Psychodrama Institute for Europe e.V. is member of the „Deutscher Fachverband Psychodrama DFP“, the „Psychodrama Association of Europe PAfE“ and the „Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations FEPTO“.

For every of the 18 weekend workshops (13 in the stem group (including approval) + 5 special): 330,-€ each, together 5940,-€, to be paid successivly.
Additional renumeration for the approval interview 150,-€ plus the mandatory supervision depends on individual agreement, when taken. Fees don’t include accomodation or travel.

Dates so far:
2023: Feb 17-19 (admission weekend with external trainer, invited: Liudmyla Litvinienko, Ukraine), Mar 17-19, Apr 14-16, May 19-21, Jun 16-18, Jul 14-16, Aug 18-20, Sep !!! 22-24 !!! (this is not the third weekend, we have our big international conference in Berlin then, counting as training weekend), Oct 20-22, Nov 17-19, Dec 15-17.
2024: Jan 19-21, Feb 16-18, Mar 15-17, Apr 19-21. (June: ext. workshop with Leandra Perotta, JUL+Aug Summerbreak, Sep ext. workshop in Krakow / Auschwitz), Nov 22-24
2025: Jan 17-19 … and every second weekend from then on …

Application possible via mail, next opening of stemgroup late autumn 2024

(participation in previous workshops+conferences possible May, Jun, Aug + Sep 2024, please ask us)

group workshops special workshops self – organised

informational / intentional interview (extra fee) 1 hr, possibly per video chat (skype)
1 approval weekend workshop spring 2023, followed by

monthly weekend workshops in stem group incl. feedback with information about personal challenges

2 theory workshops, 2 method workshops, 1 application training, contents and trainers according to actual program of PIfE Germany or Europe or participation in PAfE international conferences Self- study, presentations, protocols (at least 3, alone), supervision (single and/or in group, extra fee), peergroup work

Application possible via mail, next opening of stemgroup late autumn 2024

(participation in previous workshops+conferences possible May, Jun, Aug + Sep 2024, please ask us)